Thursday, January 22, 2015

IPE Summer 2015 Research Fellowship

Applications due February 24, 2015

IPE will provide at least one grant of up to $4,200 to support student research in Summer 2015. The fellowship involves eight weeks of full-time work (usually between the junior and senior year) on a specific project that you design. Since 1999, we have granted 25 fellowships with funding from the IPE textbook and the Nicholas Vasilius IPE Endowment Fund. If you are interested in applying, see the details on the IPE website. Contact any IPE faculty member if you have questions.
IPE Summer 2015 International Internship Grant

Applications due March 13, 2015

The International Political Economy Program is pleased to provide at least one grant of up to $2,000 to support an international internship experience in Summer 2015. Students who apply for, and are offered, an internship in another country can use the IPE International Internship Grant to help pay for costs such as transportation, accommodations, and meals. Grants can be used for either paid or unpaid internships. Funding for the IPE International Internship Grant comes from the Nicholas Vasilius IPE Endowment Fund. If you are interested in applying, see the details on the IPE website. Contact any IPE faculty member if you have questions.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Interview with IPE Professor Emeritus Mike Veseth at the Wine Vision 2014 conference in London

Eminent wine writer and economist Mike Veseth warns that the wine world needs to combat the threat of ‘new age prohibitionists’ and authentic, interesting and affordable spirits and beers.

Video and interview from Beverage Daily:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"The Sound" of IPE

Thanks to Maddie Grossan for sending this picture of IPE majors who are staff and radio program hosts at KUPS 90.1 FM.

From front to back:
Travis Shetter ('15), Hip-Hop Music Director
Robin Hopkins ('15), Co-host of "Word Is Bond"
Josie "DJ" Dow ('15), Host of "Nordic Noize"
Maddie Grossan ('15), Electronic Music Director & Host of WaveFiles
Chloe Ginnegar ('15), General Manager & Host of "Ladies Night"
Parker Raup ('15), Host of "Into the Wayside"
Not pictured:
Ben "Benny T" Taylor ('16), Host of "Basement Dubs"

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Alternative Fall Break Spotlight: Roman Vern (IPE '15)

Alternative Fall Break Student Spotlight: Roman Vern

The Alternative Break program here at Puget Sound gives students the opportunity to learn about and engage in different topics surrounding social justice through discussions, lectures, and volunteering. In addition, the program allows students to visit local areas that are relevant to the program’s theme, which also gives insight on how the topic is specifically relevant to Tacoma. This year’s Alt. Fall Break took place October 17-21 and focused on the broader issue of immigration and citizenship, as well as how this issue is applicable to Tacoma and to students on campus. The group who participated in the Break learned about immigration policies, the history of immigration in both the United States and specifically Tacoma, and examined the way that experiences of undocumented Puget Sound students may differ from those with a documented status. The program was also able to visit a few sites in Tacoma, including the Detention Center, Tacoma Community House, and the Chinese Reconciliation Park.

To Puget Sound senior Roman Vern, a participant of this semester’s program, Alt. Fall Break was an inspiring and eye-opening experience. “In retrospect, I get a little angry with myself and campus culture at UPS for not making immigration and deportation a more recognized issue through discourse and action. Especially when Tacoma is such a recognized place within the issue,” Vern says. The Northwest Detention Center, which holds detainees for deportation, is located here in Tacoma and relatively close to the University, but many students currently attending Puget Sound are still unaware of its existence and the problems that center around it. “I know I was inspired from Alt. Fall Break to make efforts in promoting recognition of the detention center and helping local families that have a dependent family member detained.” Education about social issues like this in a classroom setting is one thing, but learning about them with a real life context really has the ability to offer a new kind of perspective. “Through coursework, I was made aware of some immigration issues, but I never could really make a substantial emotional connection to it just from what I learned in class,” critiqued Vern. Although immigration and citizenship were never really of focus of Vern’s academic or personal interests before, after having the chance to participate in Alt. Fall Break, he found a deeper emotional connection to these issues. In regard to future Alt. Breaks, Vern says that if he was both available and on campus, he would definitely take the chance to sign up for another one.

Vern has had the chance to be involved in several other types of service, and has worked with organizations like Metro Parks, the Boys and Girls Club, and other volunteer activities on and off campus.  Also as a member of the Phi Delta Theta Greek organization on campus, Vern has also participated in Greek philanthropy service projects. “I think Greek life here at UPS does quite a bit of civic work in the Tacoma area, of which I’m very proud of. Whether it’s each house’s philanthropy events or IFC events where much of the Greek community joins in together to help out local charities, Greek life’s civic engagement is a high priority for all houses.” Vern says, however, that Greek life has the potential to do more. “With the amount of people and resources within the Greek community’s system to get involved in civic engagement, we are capable of much more and should continue to strive to fully utilize those resources towards civic engagement.”


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

"Food Sovereignty in the Sound Sound"
A presentation by IPE professor Emelie Peine
Wednesday, November 5th, 7-8 pm, Wyatt 109

Food Security and Food Sovereignty are both critical pieces to the whole of Food Justice, and this lecture and discussion will focus on Food Sovereignty, which is defined as "the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems."

Dr. Peine will discuss the origins of Food Sovereignty as a global movement, as well as local Food Sovereignty projects right here in the South Sound region. A discussion about Food Sovereignty and the University of Puget Sound will follow.

About Dr. Emelie Peine
Emelie Peine received her BA from the Evergreen State College and her MS and PhD degrees from Cornell University. She teaches courses on International Political Economy, theories of IPE, food and hunger, and Brazil-China relations. Her research focuses on the role of multinational agribusiness in the global food regime, including Chinese investment in the Brazilian soy industry and the implications for Brazilian food sovereignty.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Beer and IPE - Interview with Taylor Volz (IPE '12)

IPE alumnus Taylor Volz graduated in 2012 and currently works at Tacoma's Narrows Brewing Co.. His interview in the Weekly Volcano is here.

Peace Corps and State Department info sessions

Interested in the Peace Corps or State Department? Info sessions are on November 4th and 5th in the Murray Boardroom.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Study Abroad Info

Study Abroad 101 Event - Monday, Oct 27 at 5 pm in the Tahoma Room in Commencement Hall

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Megan Davis's talk Monday

Megan Davis (IPE '15) will talk about her IPE-funded summer research in Bangladesh on Monday from 5:30-6:30 in Trimble Forum.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Parker Raup Presentation in Murray Boardroom

Tonight Parker Raup (IPE '15) will give a presentation called "Defending Pastoralism" based on his research this past summer in Tanzania with an IPE grant. Join us from 6-7 pm in the Murray Boardroom.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Teach for America info session

You're invited to attend a Teach For America info session with a focus on educational inequality on Tuesday, September 23rd from 5:30-6:30pm in the Murray Board Room (WSC 108). Pizza will be provided.

It will be hosted by Sean Rice (IPE '12), who will talk about TFA and his own experience.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Study Abroad Fair

If you are planning to study abroad, please stop by the Study Abroad Fair on Sept 23rd.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ben Cohn (IPE '12)

Benjamin Cohn (IPE '12) awarded a Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship
for 2014-2015.

Benjamin Cohn is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound, where he studied international political economy. Cohn’s fellowship will focus on the political-economic impact of music on Ghana's rich history and culture, and he will use that research to set up a program to facilitate access to music education for the youth of Accra, Ghana's capital. Working with local musicians and organizations, Cohn will build a program to give the students a voice through the power of music. After graduation, Cohn moved to Yangsan, South Korea where he taught English for one year. Since returning to the United States, he has focused on music journalism, founding a hip-hop web site,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Update from Peter Bittner, former Fulbright Fellow in Mongolia

Peter Bittner, an IPE grad ('12) and former Fulbright Fellow in Mongolia, is writing a book about his experiences in Mongolia. Here's an update from him:

My name is Peter Bittner and I graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2012 with a degree in International Political Economy. This past year I taught English in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia through the US government’s Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Scholarship.

I first visited Mongolia in 2011 with Puget Sound’s Pacific Rim Asian Studies Travel Program, or “Pac Rim,” and immediately became captivated by it. Most recently, I taught at a vocational school for 9 months where high school students prepare for careers in creative hair design, traditional performing arts, auto mechanics, and many other fields.

As a designated cultural ambassador, my role was not only to share my experience and knowledge of “American culture” but, more importantly, to learn as much as possible about Mongolia! In addition to my time in the classroom, I was fortunate to travel extensively throughout the country's vast steppes, deserts, and mountains. In the process, I had the pleasure of meeting and staying with nomadic herders of Mongol, Kazakh, and other ancestries.

My upcoming eBook and photo book will explore the massive social shift from traditional nomadic lifestyles to urban ways of life. The ten-chapter travelogue will include photos, videos, and audio and print journals.

While this is a new project to share with and educate Western audiences about the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, I’ve been publishing content with those aims all year! This is just the grand finale! Through my personal website, I’ve been regularly posting educational articles and photos, many of which have been published in periodicals, travel blogs, and websites focusing on international exchange.

My work has been featured on (one of the world’s top 10 travel blogs), the UB Post (Mongolia’s premiere English newspaper), The Global Citizen Journal, The Beacon, Arches, the U.S. Embassy to Mongolia’s website, and The English Language Teachers’ Association of Mongolia. Check out the press section of my blog for links to full articles:

You can pre-order copies of the eBook, photo book, and other fun product packages at:

Want a taste of my writing? Check it out here:

Curious to see my photography? See it here: