Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gabe Newman receives IPE International Internship Grant

Congratulations to Gabe Newman (IPE ’18) for his summer IPE internship! Gabe will be working for the World Trade Center in Tacoma, and is looking forward to utilizing his foreign language skills while conducting trade and market research. Gabe originally chose to be an IPE major because he enjoyed having a background in sociology, and was interested in further exploring global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Another IPE major recommended the IPE program to him, and Gabe quickly became fascinated with studying state and market relations on a global scale. He particularly appreciates studying China and East Asia through an IPE lens, especially by using neo-mercantilist and constructivist theory.

Next year, Gabe is hoping to write his thesis on the impacts of China’s export of renewable energy resources on China’s growing global governance and hegemony. Gabe is interested in investigating the ways in which the Chinese state innovates with green energy and how, despite being a world-class polluter, China is simultaneously becoming a world-class producer of renewable technology. Last summer, Gabe studied abroad in Shanghai, where he was able to focus on Chinese economics and immerse himself in the language and culture. In the future, Gabe would like to find a way to continue focusing on issues regarding China and renewable energy, perhaps by working for the State Department or local government. In his spare time, Gabe is a professional photographer who loves to cover portraiture, large events, nature and street photography, and photojournalism. Check out some of his work at

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