Tuesday, October 17, 2006

115 Million Pounds of Second Hand Clothes

Eight students and three IPE faculty members visited the Savers Recycling warehouse yesterday, where about 115 million pounds of secondhand clothes are exported each year to less developed countries, mainly in Africa. More information at http://savers.com/recycles/
Savers professionals Windy Gefre, Scarlet Leverett and Paul Stuart provided a very thorough and interesting introduction to the international trade in secondhand commodities and the global reach of this business. The field trip concluded with lunch at Vien Dong in Tacoma's Lincoln International District.

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Gregory said...

Way to go IPE! That looks like it was a great event.

Speaking of international trade, Mr Veseth, you'll be glad to know that I came across your book "Selling Globalization" in a library in Mexico. It had been checked out 20 times since 1998 - no too bad.