Friday, November 17, 2006

Recognition for IPE Professors

Several of our IPE faculty have recently received awards and recognition.

  • Professor Dave Balaam has received a very prestigious Fulbright Fellowship for Spring 2007. He will be teaching international politics at the University of Bologna, the oldest university in Europe, founded in 1088.
  • Professor Brad Dillman has received a Hall Junior Sabbatical grant to support research for a new book on The Illicit Global Economy: Unintended Consequences of State Policies to Control Illegal Transactions during the Spring 2008 semester.
  • Professor Nick Kontogeorgopoulos has received a Martin Nelson Summer Research grant to support his fieldwork on tourism in Thailand during Summer 2007.
  • Professor Richard Anderson-Connolly has been very active this year in support of election reform initiatives. He appeared recently on King 5 news to discuss his proposals for instant runoff elections. The voters of Pierce County adopted this reform in the November elections.

Congratulations to our outstanding faculty!

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