Monday, March 19, 2007

Job Announcement: IPE Student Associate

Would you like to work for the IPE Program next year and help organize our programs and events? If so, then you should apply to be the IPE Program's Student Associate. This is a paid position with funding for up to 10 hours per week at a wage of around $11 per hour. The IPE Student Associate works with the IPE Czar and faculty to organize programs that enrich the experience of IPE students at Puget Sound.
If you are an IPE major in good standing and you would like to apply for this position, send the following items to the IPE program ( ) by noon on Friday, March 30, 2007.
1. Your name and contact information;
2. A list of the IPE-related classes that you have taken;
3. The names of two professors who know you well;
4. A brief statement of why you would like to be the IPE Student Associate (and why we should hire you);
5. A specific proposal for an event or program that you would like to organize next year.
Thanks for your support!
Mike Veseth
IPE Czar

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