Thursday, March 29, 2007

Retro-Perspectives Bosnia: 1992-2007

Retro-Perspectives Bosnia: 1992-2007

April 9, 2007 at 6:00 pm in the Wheelock Student Center - Rotunda

Free Admission (With reception to follow)

This event will highlight the work of several Bosnian NGOs overseen by Jean-Claude Carreau, founder of the Land of Friendship and Peace outside of Sarajevo, Bosnia. Mr. Carreau’s son was killed in 1995 while serving as a UN peacekeeper in Sarajevo. In memory and tribute to his son, Mr. Carreau has dedicated his life to developing this foundation that specializes in recreational and therapeutic horseback riding for children who have suffered from post-war trauma.

The event will include a brief movie about the war in Bosnia, testimonials from war victims and personal friends of Mr. Carreau, an introduction to the Patton Plusczyk Foundation of Bosnia, and an overview of Genesis: Sarajevo, a therapeutic dance program working out of LFP and a speech by Mr. Carreau on the creation and continuing projects of LFP.

There will be a brief question and answer session at the end of the event, followed by a catered reception during which students can meet Mr. Carreau and the other members of the panel. Students will be able to ask questions about involvement in the many projects of the foundation and engage in conversation about the nature of peace and reconciliation programs for children.

In addition, artwork and photography from the foundation will be on display throughout the Wheelock Student Center on Monday the 9th (and at the reception) for viewing and silent auction. All proceeds will go to the Land of Friendship and Peace and affiliated programs.

Speakers will include: Ismet Lisica (representing the Patton Plusczyk Foundation - created by Helen Patton), Mona Muratovic (cofounder of LFP), Senada Pekaric (a volunteer at LFP), Maja Hadziomerovic (former project manager for the Dance Intensive program 2005), and Amy Danielson (founder of Genesis: Sarajevo).

This program promises to be an inspirational tribute to peace in war torn areas, as well as highlight the importance of programs helping children of diverse ethnic backgrounds deal with trauma and loss.

For more information please contact Tara Horn, ASUPS Lectures Programmer, or Drew Cameron, event co-coordinator.

Tara:;; office – 253.279.3295; cell – 509.251.5031.

Drew:; cell: 253.232.2657.

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