Monday, November 05, 2007

IPE Registration Advice

As you plan your class schedule for Spring 2008, bear in mind that your IPE elective classes should be chosen to help you develop expertise on an issue in preparation for your senior thesis.

There are a number of great classes being offered this spring that would make great IPE electives for the right people, but that are not listed on the IPE Course Lookup page (the "menu"), often because they are new or are only being offered once. It is possible to petition to have such courses apply toward your IPE major. Here's how the system works.

If you find an off-the-menu class that you'd like to use as an IPE elective, please discuss this with your advisor and then write to the IPE Czar at explaining what you'd like to do and the logic behind your request. If you explain your rationale well and have advisor support you will usually hear back by the following day.

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