Thursday, September 25, 2008

Risk DC: A Puget Sound - Georgetown Competition

Kasia Podbielski (IPE '04) is currently working on her masters at Georgetown. She writes (see below) inviting Puget Sound students and faculty to take part in a web-based game of Risk set in Washington DC. Sounds interesting! You should try it. Note: Kasia is a member of the RED team! Here's her email request for your help.

Grad school is in full swing and so far, so good. Hope the start of your semester finds you well.

I wanted to inquire about a potential collaboration between UPS and Georgetown.

Here is the deal: I need help with my first grad school study by playing an online version of Risk (that takes place in DC). Anyone can sign up for the RED team to join my squad! (Not the WWII game, but the Georgetown one.)

My graduate class at Georgetown University is currently studying how people organize and communicate while playing online games. To illustrate this, we have divided the class into sections and are currently battling each other by recruiting new people to join the fight!

The game, titled GoCrossCampus, is a simple multiplayer on-line game with rules similar to Risk, and anyone can participate.

The time required to play is minimal -- just check in twice a day to see how your army is doing and see what portions of DC your team has conquered OR just log in one time, move your player and you are done.


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