Sunday, January 18, 2009

Turn the Page on Poverty

Meghan Schimanski (IPE '09) writes ...
About 2 months ago I started volunteering with a Seattle based non-profit called the Community Empowerment Network (CEN). They currently have a project in the Brazilian Amazon teaching villagers job skills so that they can improve their livelihoods. The villagers are learning technology and other skills that can help them improve their businesses. CEN does not provide monetary help, only skills. Right now the organization runs with mostly volunteers, except for 1 full time employee working in Brazil.

To help raise more money the CEN is working with a large online retailer that we aren't allowed to put in print, other than on the website Four percent of the purchases made through the link on this website go to CEN, helping them raise money. Once you go to, there is a link to the retailer and your purchases will be made in the name of CEN.

You can read more about the organization on this website, or go to their actual site at So the specific reason for writing this email is to spread the word about raising money through this retailer.

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