Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jess Martin '07 Moldova Peace Corps Project

Jess Martin (IPE '07) writes, asking for your help with a project in Moldova.

Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica Martin, a 2007 IPE and Economics UPS graduate is raising money to build a farmer's market in Coscalia, Moldova. Click here to read about the project and to contribute.

Coscalia is an agricultural town accessible via dirt roads in southeastern Moldova. The Saturday market is currently ad hoc, with farmers spreading out their produce on blankets and chasing away stray dogs.

The project will create a permanent market with tables on a cement floor and fencing near the center of Coscalia. Sellers will pay a small tax to maintain the market.

By supporting the project, you are improving conditions in a poor village and help to create a symbol that will spread to other poor villages. You can read Jessica's blog and see pictures of Coscalia at:

Martin will spend 27 months in Moldova, she began her service in September
2007. Martin is a 2003 graduate of Davis High School and a 2007 graduate of
University of Puget Sound in Tacoma Washington.

This is the description that can be found online-
Coscalia is an isolated agricultural town accessible via dirt roads in the
Southeastern corner of Moldova. Villagers create a market each Saturday by
bringing the farm and non-farm commodities they want to sell to the main
road through town, squatting over their goods to protect their tomatoes from
roaming dogs.

This project will create a permanent market in Coscalia with a cement floor, fencing, and tables on which to display goods for sale. The result will be a place for Coscalians to display their commodities, and can lay the
groundwork for more efficient buying and selling and foster community spirit. There is space near the center of Coscalia for the market.

The market will be more than a place to buy and sell. Residents know that they need economic development, and a permanent market is the first of many necessary steps to motivate Coscalians towards a well-defined economic development goal. By supporting this project, you are not only creating an official, sanitary and income-generating agricultural market for a poor village, you are also erecting a symbol of hope in an isolated town. Sellers will pay a small tax, with the funding supporting future community
development projects.

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