Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Defense Schedule

Students are invited to attend IPE senior thesis defenses. Please be respectful of the student presenters and do not interrupt a defense in progress.

Professor Dillman's thesis seminar meets in Trimble 112.





Tu 4/14


Ethan Taylor

Urban Evolution: The International Economy and the Global City


Inder Datta

The Mighty Military: Pakistan's Myopic Security Concerns and the Detriments to Its Society

Th 4/16


Sara Saunders

Islamic Feminism and Reform in the Maghreb


Max Silverson

Hezbollah, Israel and the Potential for Peace

Tu 4/21


Mia Palomo

Embracing Paradox: The Zapatistas’ Postmodern Revolution


Linsey Warren

Somalia: Modern Day Piracy as Leverage for State-Building

Th 4/23


Nathan Sharpe

The New Rentier: Energy and the Russian Political Economy


Taylor Larson

Sovereign Wealth Funds: Nationalistic Fears and Global Refutations

Tu 4/28


T.J. Ersfeld

Chilean Government Support for the Forestry and Aquaculture Industries and the Negative Externalities


Will True

The War on Khat: Failed Attempts to Control the Production and Consumption of Catha Edulis in the Middle East and Northeast Africa


Brittany McManus

The Natural-Born Winner That Lost: How Multinational Corporations Have Destroyed a Quality Industry

Th 4/30


Wilson Cecil

Bubbly and Basmati: Evaluating the Importance of Culture in Geographic Indicators


Clinton Agresti

Culture Jamming and the Free Culture Movement: Resisting the Corporate Colonization of Culture

Professor Veseth's thesis seminar meets in McIntyre 320.


Thurs 4/9

Kate Darlington

Slums of Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Civil Society in a Zone of Abandonment

Bret S

Meghan S

Beth Graves

The Impacts of NGO-State Partnerships on NGO Legitimacy in the International System

Steph S

Kelsey Q

Tues 4/14

Kelsey Quam

Natural Allies? Conservation, Development and Cultural Interests Between Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas

Kerala H

Linnea J

Meghan Schimanski

Exploiting the Vulnerable: Alternative Explanations of Sex Abuse by UN Peacekeepers

Lindsay E

Beth G

Thurs 4/16

Lindsay Etheredge

Militarizing Mexico: The Failure of Force to Weaken the Grip of Drub Cartels

Kate D

Andrew M-M

Robin Wade

The WTO in Agriculture: The Future of the World Trade Organization in Agriculture, the Proliferation of Preferential Trade Agreements and the Implications on a New World Order

Dan A

Brittannia J

Tues 4/21

Kent Hamar

Financial Crises

Andrew M-M

Anna B

Steph Sievers

The Cacophony7 of International Standards: IFOAM's Mission to Harmonize the Organic Market

Beth G

Robin W

Thurs 4/23

Kerala Hise

Education & development

Kelsey Q

Kent H

Bret Schluederberg

LDC slums

Kate D

Brittannia J

Tues 4/28

Brittannia James

Intellectual Property Rights: Interpretation & Implementation

Bret S

Anna B

Linnea Johansen

Hindering South Africa's Development: The Ongoing Battle Against AIDS

Meghan S

Lindsey E

Thurs 4/30

Anna Beers

The Power of Visual Art: A Countermovement to the Market Economy and a Compliment to Fascism

Steph S

Linnea J

Andrew Miller-McKeever

The Proper Role of Financial Regulation: Crisis in Perspective

Kent H

Dan A

Tues 5/5

Dan Adler

One Nation, Many Possibilities: Growth Diagnostics and the Search for Constraints on Food Security

Robin W

Kerala H

If necessary

Professor Balaam's thesis seminar meets in McIntyre 309.

Apr 14: 7pm
Taylor Ash "The Economic Dichotomy of Change: How Western Politicies Fail to Fit Eastern European Economic Transition."
7:45 Ian Andrews, "The Financial Crisis and It's Impact on the Nuclear Energy Industry."
8:30 Leigh Barrick, "The Culture of Consumption: Analysis of the Role of Specialty Coffee in Mexico and Brazil."
Apr 28 7pm:
Rachel Meyer, "U.S. Aid in Colombia: Fuel for Two Wars."
7:45 Megan Schrader, "Agonistic Democracy in Response to the Multitude: A Post-Marxist Critique of Hardt & Negri."
May 5 7pm:
Madeline Priest, "Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture: The Future for Mexico and Brazil."
Kevin Nguyen, "Why Internet Censorship Doesn't Matter in China."

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