Friday, April 24, 2009

"What's the Economy for, Anyway?" on 5/4

On Monday May 4th, 6-7:30 PM, "What's the Economy for, Anyway?" will be shown in Wyatt 109.

This timely film is produced by John DeGraaf, the man behind "Buyer Be Fair" (featuring our very own professor Matt Warning and former student Sarah Bodnar!) and "Affluenza." It features Dave Batker, the executive director of Earth Economics and former employee of both the World Bank AND Greenpeace. The film itself is 40 minutes in length and we are planning to hold a question-and-answer session afterwards with Dave Batker.

Here is just one review the film has received:
"'What's The Economy For, Anyway?' was made with compassion for its audience. It's a terrific length that invites discussion, rather than wearing viewers down. There are dozens of films out about the current economic and ecological crisis that operate on the assumption that if we pile on more bad news, people will become engaged. They are wrong. But WTEFA presents facts, entertains, explains and engages us rather than sinks us. Somehow in 40 delightful minutes it offers a holistic and timely critique of our market worshipping model of economic growth and its supreme cost to our planet and the quality of our lives. A must-view tool for teach-ins, classrooms and community screenings. WTEFA reminds us that the purpose of our economy is to serve people, not for people to serve the economy. The economy is subordinate to our human aspirations to celebrate life, be together with one another, and care for our families, neighbors and all of creation."

--Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies, author of The Moral Measure of the Economy

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