Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luce Scholar Program: Paid Internship in Asia

The Luce Scholars Program has invited Puget Sound to participate in their program of international and cultural exchange. Aimed at a highly qualified group of young Americans in a variety of professional fields, it is unique among Asian-American exchange programs in placing emphasis on leaders who have had little prior experience of Asia and who might not otherwise have an opportunity during the course of their careers to come to know Asia or their Asian colleagues. The program consists of a paid internship in an East Asian or Southeast Asian country, not academic study. The basic stipend is sufficient to meet all of the scholars’ normal expenses in Asia, and all costs for travel required by the program also are covered.

Criteria for Selection:

A candidate must be a U.S. citizen who has earned at least a bachelor’s degree (or who will receive this degree before taking part in the Luce Scholars Program) and must not have reached their 30th birthday by September 1 of the year he or she would enter the program. Candidates should have a record of the highest academic achievement combined with evidence of outstanding leadership ability. The most important single criterion is a mature and clearly defined career interest in a specific field and evidence of potential for professional accomplishment within that field. Students focusing on international relations are eligible for consideration.

Candidates are ineligible if they have already had significant exposure to Asia or if they have a specific career interest in Asian affairs.

Application materials are available in the Fellowships office (Howarth 114).

Liaison: Sharon Chambers-Gordon, Fellowships Director

Campus Deadline: October 5, 2009 (noon)

National Deadline: November 2, 2009

For more information visit their website at

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