Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sara Kang and the Somaly Mam Foundation

Sara Kang (IPE '10) is spending the fall semester raising money to fight human trafficking. She reports that she has raised $734.56 so far. Here is her story. Follow the links to learn how you can support this cause, too. Here is Sara's story in her own words.

The Somaly Mam Foundation is a foundation started by Somaly Mam herself in order to fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia and hopefully in the future, all over the world. I read her book during sophomore year and was touched by her courage and determination. Somaly was a former sex slave sold by her parents at a young age. This foundation is what she started after she found a way to escape.

I am taking a semester off from school to work as a server at a restaurant hoping to save all my tips and donate them before I return to UPS in the spring. I really encourage anyone who is a little bit interested in Somaly’s story as a sex slave in Cambodia who was brave and determined enough to escape the brothel she was confined to for a significant portion of her life to read her book, The Road of Lost Innocence: by Somaly Mam.


john stack said...

Sara, it is a real pleasure to find someone who is actively doing something very positive to help the victims of the terrible crime of Human Trafficking
Thank you

Shirley said...

Agreed. Thank you Sara. People like you sure help put a little light into the day.