Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Think Global, Eat Local

IPE major Kendle Bjelland was recently featured in this article in The Weekly Volcano. Here is the video mentioned in the story. Congratulations to Kendle and Joseph!

University of Puget Sound students Kendle Bjelland and Joseph La Sac are passionate about the local food movement, our environment and the biosphere on a whole. Their passions drove them to produce a documentary about local food in Tacoma, and where it could go in the future, titled Eating Locally in Pierce County.

Through national coverage and local interviews with University of Puget Sound Prof. David N. Balaam of the Department of International Political Economy; Sonya Servine of Good Karma Farm in Roy; and Samantha Gray of Terry’s Berries; the filmmakers explore local food economics, including the fact that farmers markets and community gardens are located where the rich live, far away where people need them most.
Kendle Bjelland

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