Monday, March 15, 2010

Watson Fellowship Awarded to Clint Agresti IPE '09

The Thomas Watson Foundation has just announced that Clint Agresti (IPE '09) has been awarded one of its prestigious fellowships! Congratulations, Clint!

Watson Fellows receive a grant of $25,000 to fund a year a travel and research outside the United States on a project of their own design. Here is the description of Clint's project taken from the Watson website.

Clint Agresti, University of Puget Sound
Beneath the Sounds: Exploring and Preserving the Music of Community
Mongolia, Ukraine, Ghana, Bolivia
Each traditional musical culture flows from a way of life, deeply rooted in geographical and cultural context. But as globalization advances, the world’s diverse musical traditions are changing and fading, as are the unique worlds that inspire them. I will visit four countries to explore and document a selection of vibrant yet little known musical cultures that carry on in the face of modernization. I will delve into each community by playing its music, and I will strive to promote the preservation of these traditions by publishing or archiving my results.

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