Monday, April 12, 2010

Senior Thesis Defenses

Prof. Dillman's IPE 401 thesis defense schedule. Defenses take place in Trimble 112.

Tuesday 4/13
9:30 Katie Coyle
The Future of Microfinance: Integrated Commercialization as a Means to Ensure Sustainability and Outreach

10:10 Leana Schwartz
Fencing ‘Eden’: How Western Rhetoric Has Shaped Conservation Policies in Tanzania

Thursday 4/15
9:30 Sam Fielding
The Fate of the Panda Bear: Deforestation, the Chinese State, and the Role of NGOs

10:10 Erin Lewis
Neodependency and Latin America: The Consequences of U.S. Intervention and Policy

Tuesday 4/20
9:20 Cole Hardman
The Resource Curse: Economic Inequality and Political Instability

9:50 Emily Wiecki
A Hero Of Our Time: The Rise of Vladimir Putin and the Fall of Mikhail Khodorkovsky

10:20 Karinne Breidenbach
The Identity Crisis of Northern Ireland: The Good Friday Agreement as a False Model of Conflict Resolution

Thursday 4/22
9:30 Laura Thomas
International Politics and Sports: A Story of Money, Glory, and Battles on the Playing Field

10:10 Sam Stookesberry
China’s Floating Population

Tuesday 4/27
9:30 Yujung Choi
Ethical, Political, and Socioeconomic Issues from Outsourcing of Clinical Trials to Developing Countries

10:10 Kaitlin Knochenmus
The Girl Effect: Society’s Forgotten Children Who Are Going to Change the World

Thursday 4/30
9:30 Charmaine Monk
The Struggle for State Sovereignty in the Cyberworld

10:10 Nazir Olangian
Post-Orientalist Cinema in the Post-Ideological Era

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