Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2009-2010 Senior Thesis Topics

Thought you might be interested in this list of the senior thesis topics for 2009-2010. You can find the titles of all the theses since the program began in 1996 here

Andrew Barker

Vietnamese Immigrants in King County: A Comparison of Different Migrant’s Adaptations in Housing Around Seattle, WA

Nathan Smith Berkowitz

Cracking the Chinese Enigma: Free Finance and the Perfect Policy for an Imperfect World

Kendle Bjelland

The Seeds of Urban Development: An Exploration of Urban Agriculture in Latin America

Arianna Bodhagi

Enabling Refugees to Find Home Again

Karinne M. Breidenbach

The Identity Crisis of Northern Ireland: The Good Friday Agreement as an Insufficient Model of Conflict Resolution

Elizabeth Butt

Delivering on Health: The Coordination Required to Deliver Primary Health Care in Conflict Regions

Prescilla Celino

Offshore Oil in Brazil Blessing or Curse

Ryan Donahue

Chaos and Control at the Forest Frontier: Property Rights and the Integration of Conservation and Development in Madagascar in Mexico

Alana Eakin

Corporate Food: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Samuel Fielding

The Fate of the Panda Bear: China’s Loss of Biodiversity, Struggle for Sustainable Development, and the Necessity for International Cooperation

Amory Genter

Ecotourism in Latin America: Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Use through Integrated Policy and Decision Making

David Gulugian-Taylor

Productivity, Efficiency, and Trade: How Nations Can Reach their Maximum Potential

Raphaela Haessler

Women in Transition: Women’s Public and Private Lives in Societies Making the Transition from Socialism to Capitalism

Brendan Hammond

Optimizing Food Security under Conditions of Water Scarcity

Cole Hardman

Combating the Curse of Oil

Chloe Horner

Power and the Inherent Nature of Man Towards War: A Study of the Actions that Forced the French out of Indochina and the Motivations that Brought the United states to War in Vietnam

Phillip Hughes

Why Are All The Brazilians in Europe? International Soccer Player Migration in a Dualistic Market

Kalli Kamphaus

Sweden: Fate of the Welfare State in the Era of Globalization

Kaitlin Knochenmus

The World’s Most Precious Resources Has Yet to be Discovered

Colin Koach

Love Life: How Education Can Change the Way We See the World

Erin Lewis

Neodependency and Latin America: The Consequences of U.S. Intervention and Policy

Andrew Maas

Cultural Barriers to the Taiwanese Determination Question

Sean McCotter

Sour Grapes, Tangles Vines: The Chinese Wine Market and the Washington State Wine Industry

Kathryn McMillan

Travels of a Bean: A Dual Global Value Chain Analysis of the Argentine Soybean Industry

Merissa Moeller

Balancing Social Justice, Environmental Protection, and Economic Benefits in the Transboundary Hazardous Waste Regime

Kayla Morrison

Coca Cultivation and the State: Balancing Farmer’s Rights with Drug Control Strategies

Zen Newman

Hegemony Amongst the Empire: Understanding the Duality of Force and Leadership

Caitlin Odell

The Social Power of Language: The Case of Ireland Past and Present

Nazir Olanigan

Post-Ideological Cinema and Post-Colonial Liberation: On Ramin Bahrani’s Chop Shop

Jessica Reichard

Rethinking American Drug Policy in Latin America: Ending the Real Unhealthy Addiction

Katherine M. Ricks

The Trials and Tribulations of Multi-Layered Sovereignty: American Indians and the Case for Self Determination

Jackie Roth

Good Intentions Gone Wrong: Redefining Development Strategies through an Assessment of Failed Attempts

Christopher Sande

Slipping Away: How Globalization, Waning Legitimacy, and Broken Consensus Eroded State Authority and Started a War South of the Border

Holden Sapp

Media and the Power to Change the World: The Power of the Information Age

Jessica Scarsella

Empowering Women through Microfinance: A Magnification of Changing Gender Relations in the Developing World

Leana Schwartz

Fencing ‘Eden’: How Western Rhetoric Has Shaped Wildlife Conservation Policies in Tanzania

Elise Stephenson

The Relationship Between Mobile Phones and Economic Development: How Mobile Telephones Promote Economic Development in Developing Countries and the Optimal Conditions to Facilitate It

Laura Thomas

International Politics and Sports: A Story of Money, Glory, and Battles on the Playing Field

Emily Wiecki

A Hero of Our Time: The Rise of Vladmir Putin and the Fall of Mikhail Khodorkovsky

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