Sunday, February 06, 2011

Marina in Morocco

IPE junior Marina Balleria is studying in Morocco this semester and I thought you might be interested in her observations on life in a Muslim country in North Africa, especially given the current political turmoil in the region.

Marina's blog is called "In the Wild Blue Yonder" Marina cautions readers that while "I'd love to have my link posted ... please include a caveat that it has no designs to be an informed, journalistic, or even politically correct and sensitive type blog, but more of a series of observations. I do try to keep the "Today I did this..." entries to a bare minimum."

A recent post begins ...

Here are two obvious observations:

1. TV makes the strange stranger.

2. I’m sorry Gil Scott-Heron, now the revolution is always televised.

And blogged, too. I'm looking forward to Marina's observations and insights as the semester (and revolution) unfolds.

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