Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Landsea Rural Development Institute Internships

This just in from Brad Vickers IPE'05. Landsea's global headquarters are in Seattle.

I serve on a non-profit board (Around-n-Over) with a person who works for Landesa rural development institute (http://www.landesa.org/). Landesa works with governments and other local organizations to create tailored approaches to expand land rights to the rural poor.

They have several internship openings for this summer and next fall. Please forward this onto any IPE students that may be interested in working with Landesa. The internship description is available at:

The deadline for applying to the summer internship is May 9. This may be too short of a turn around, but there's plenty of time to put together an application for a Fall internship.

All the best,
Brad Vickers '05

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