Monday, August 15, 2011

IPE Faculty Update: Professor Pierre Ly

What have your IPE faculty been up to this summer? This is the first is a series of reports from our widely scattered faculty (who will reassemble on campus in a few days for the start of Fall classes).

Professor Pierre Ly's report focuses on his research.

I spent the first part of the summer revising and resubmitting a paper analyzing competition for funding between microfinance projects on, co-authored with Geri Mason from Seattle Pacific University. The revised paper has just been accepted for publication in the journal World Development.

I have also completed and submitted a paper on the governance of NGOs' commercial enterprises. In addition to finishing another paper, I am spending the last month of summer reading about the economics of networks, looking into a potential new collaboration.

I look forward to using what I have learned this summer to help IPE students develop their research projects this coming fall.

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