Monday, September 12, 2011

Coming Soon: Hitachi Consulting Job Forum

This just in from Joe Woolley, UPS grad now at Hitachi Consulting:

Hitachi Consulting Info Session for Economics & IPE Dept’s

Wednesday, Oct. 12th at 7:00pm in MC 303.

This informational meeting will be for any economics or IPE students, especially first semester seniors interested in participating in our recruitment process that runs from mid-October through November. At the meeting, 2-3 Puget Sound econ/IPE alums will give an overview of what our firm does, what types of projects we work on, what we look for in applicants, and how the skills we received from our Puget Sound Econ or IPE degree are put to use in the workplace. We will allow ample time to explain the application process and answer any questions throughout the session. (Our goal is to have it be as interactive as possible).

Econ majors from Puget Sound have done a wide variety of things within our firm and one of our VP’s has even said that she’s always been impressed by the analytical skills that economics students bring to the table. We currently have 5 individuals who majored/minored in Econ or IPE at Puget Sound. In total, we have 12 Puget Sound alums based out of our Seattle office.

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