Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Development Work in Asia or Latin America: Nov 1 Info Session

This just in from the Fellowships Office:

The Graduate Fellowships Committee is holding an information session next Tuesday, Nov. 1., at 7 pm in Wyatt 109 on fellowships through Princeton-in-Asia, Princeton-in-Africa, and Princeton-in-Latin America. These fellowships involve either working in development in Latin America or Africa, or else teaching English in Asia, with the possibility of spending a second year working for an NGO in Asia.

Background on the programs:

Puget Sound has sent four students to Princeton-in-Asia in the last three years.

Princeton-in-Asia is looking for students who are flexible, intellectually curious, and ambitious. They do not need to be at the top of their class, although they should have a gpa at least above a 3.0. Two Puget Sound graduates are currently teaching English with PiA, one in Cambodia and one in Singapore. Their names are Griffin Hotchkiss and Micah Stanovsky, and their blogs are online at

I would also like to encourage academically strong students with a strong interest in development and NGOs to apply to Princeton-in-Latin America Princeton-in-Africa ( We have not sent anyone to those relatively small programs yet, but a Whitman student is working for PiAfrica.

Deadlines are Nov. 21 (PiAfrica) and Dec. 1 (PiLA and PiA).

Could you encourage students to attend the information session? Griffin and TaReva Warrick-Stone ’09 will be phoning in to talk about their experience and to offer advice about the application process.

Interested students may also contact me for more information.

Please forward this to any faculty or students who might be interested.

Thanks so much for your help!

Greta Austin

Associate Professor, History of Christianity

University of Puget Sound

1500 N. Warner St., Box 1028

Tacoma, WA 98416-1028 USA


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