Tuesday, October 04, 2011

IPE talk on Chinese involvement in Costa Rica

Please join us on Wednesday, October 5th at 12 noon in Murray Boardroom for our second IPE brown bag talk: Chinese Politics - A View from the Bleachers.

Scholars, policy analysts, and pundits alike have hotly debated the potential effects of China’s current development policies in the Third World. Whether framed as the emergence of a China Model or a Beijing Consensus, these analyses suggest that China’s current model of development threatens liberal values. Professor Monica DeHart will briefly explore the contours of this debate and then draw on her recent fieldwork in Costa Rica to explain what these development policies look like on the ground...or, more correctly, from the bleachers of the new national stadium China just built there. From this perspective, she will explore why so many are cheering China’s arrival and what it might mean for development politics in the region.

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