Saturday, April 28, 2012

Opportunity for IPE majors

4 Horsemen Investments (4HI) is a student-run non-profit that focuses on microfinance and community service. Traditionally, it has been run by 4-5 business students and Business professor Lynda Livingston.  However, it is very open to recruiting one or two IPE students for the upcoming year. It invests in peer-to-peer micro loans, conduct research relating to our organization, and engage in various community outreach programs using the returns it receives on the investments.

Along with this, 4HI hosts a speaker series every year comprised of business leaders from around the area. As an IPE major, you would most likely be responsible for organizing community outreach programs, grant writing, and other fundraising duties. Every member is involved in almost every activity including the management of our peer-to-peer investment portfolio. This is an outstanding opportunity to help run a non-profit, network with businesses in the area, and get into the field of finance.

If you are interested, please contact Sean Rice (

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