Thursday, March 08, 2007

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Sara Ramey (IPE Class of 2005) writes,

I am currently working for the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) as the Latin America Programs Recruiter. FSD works with 193 community-founded organizations in Latin America, East Africa, and India to provide technical training, build organizational capacity, and deliver financial resources. Our programs also provide students and professionals comprehensive development training that gives them the skills necessary to conduct effective needs assessments, write persuasive grant proposals, and work collaboratively with rural and peri-urban communities to facilitate sustainable project work.

Since 1995, FSD has provided technical training, funding, and human resources to over 200 non-governmental and grassroots organizations in eight countries throughout the developing world:


We rely on volunteers and interns to support these organizations and collaboratively facilitate project work that makes efficient use of our grant funds. Our non-profit model gives 100% of grants received to the communities we serve. The money is distributed via program participants who apply for project funding after establishing a viable work plan. Development projects address the following subjects:

• Micro-Enterprise/microfinance • Health • Environment, • Youth and Education

• Women's Empowerment • Community Development • Human Rights

I believe there are probably a lot of UPS students who would be interested in exploring our sustainable development programs at FSD Let me know if you have any questions about our philosophy or work. Also, if any UPSers want to contact me, my work e-mail is I'd be more than happy to discuss anything related to our role--as a "developed" country and community--in aiding our neighbors in Latin America.

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