Saturday, November 17, 2007

Program on Careers in Aid and Development

Pursuing Careers in Humanitarian Aid and Development
Monday, November 26 at 5 p.m.
WSC Murray Boardroom

Interested in a career in the fields of humanitarian aid and development?
Don't know where to start?
What academic programs are out there? What kind of career experience is needed?
What is this lifestyle like?
Come learn how to start a career and get paid to do humanitarian aid!

  • Monica Dehart: Professor of Comparitive Sociology
  • Andrew Sherriff: Consultant and former manager of the Development and Peacebuilding Programme at International Alert
  • Leslie Sherriff: Volunteer coordinator with Learning for International Non-Governmental Organizations (LINGOs), and was the Country Director of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia
  • Erica Nelson: 2004 UPS Alum; MPhil in International Peace Studies at Trinity College, Dublin

Pizza and Drinks provided!

This program is organized by Drew Cameron.

1 comment:

Charlie Bevis said...

Can someone take notes or grab pamphlets or something for me? This program sounds awesome, I am sorry I can't be there. Plus there is a definite lack of pizza while studying abroad.