Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New IPE Connections Course

Professor Veseth is offering a new Connections Core course in the Fall (it's not listed as a Connection Core on Cascade yet, but this is being corrected. Here is the course description

IPE 405 The Idea of Wine Wine is a simple thing. The idea of wine, however, is very complicated, since it reflects both wine itself and wine’s complex and dynamic social and economic terroir of values, attitudes and interests. Because wine intersects social processes in so many ways, the question of which idea of wine will prevail, or how the contractions between and among the different ideas will be resolved or not, has important implications. This courses looks closely at the battle for the idea of wine with special attention to its interdisciplinary aspects and conflicts and consideration of how the globalization of wine has intensified the inherent conflicts. Offered every year.

You can read about Prof. Veseth's wine research on his blog, The Wine Economist.

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