Thursday, March 27, 2008

Senior Thesis Defenses Begin

Professor Veseth's Senior Thesis Seminar will begin thesis defenses next Thursday. Here is the schedule of thesis presentations. There is limited room for visitors in Mc305 where the defense will take place. The first defense on each day will begin at 2pm and the second promptly at 2:40. Visitors may not come and go during a thesis defense as this is rude and disruptive.




Thurs 4/3

Emily Noel

Peeling the Onion: a story of trade liberalization, private sector growth, research and development and their role in the creation of the G20’s proactive agricultural proposals in the Doha Round of WTO negotiations

Jacob Minne

The New Copyright Regime: an examination of World Intellectual Property Organization’s work to expand the power of the copyright

Tues 4/8

Lan Nguyen

Peace of Mind: role of reconciliation policy on the brain drain

Kevin Wetzler

Learning for Our Future: How Global Fears and Politics Have Shaped Education Reforms in America

Thurs 4/10

Silas Paul

The Recent Rise in Patenting: legal enforcement, changed incentives and innovative firms

Carolyn Ham

Precious Knowledge for our Future: reproductive health education and economic wellbeing in the developing world

Tues 4/15

Jessica Frank

Blood and Sweat: the struggles of the cup in the development of menstruation

Sean Bolin

United States Agricultural Policy: distorting the global trade of maize while harming developing nations

Thurs 4/17

Rachel Moshier

To Get Rich is Glorious, Right? The costs of China’s rapid development

Derek Leuzzi

Why Social Movements Succeed and Fail: neoliberalism, oil and the U’wa

Tues 4/22

Natalie Fish

The Affects of Legal and Illegal Immigration on Economically Developed Host Countries

Zach Stoddard

The Effect of Technology on Income Distribution

Thurs 4/24

Jeff Pearson

Conflict and Progress: film, identity politics and development in Malaysia

Laura Kinney

Technological Change and Shifts in the Diamond Market: restructuring the industry

Tues 4/29

Brian Ames

Will China Fly? A comprehensive examination of the potential for future market entrance

Sam Fogleman

The Effect of Germany on the Post-1919 International Political Landscape

Thurs 5/1

Jessica Bruce

The Value Added Tax in the Economic Community of Western African States: the one-size-fits all policy that doesn’t fit

If necessary

Tues 5/6

If necessary

Due to illness

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