Monday, March 30, 2009

Registration Advice: Don't Forget Advisor Approval of IPE Electives

Registration for Fall 2009 classes starts in Monday, April 6, so continuing IPE majors who are not studying abroad in the Fall should be meeting with their advisors this week.

When you meet with your advisor, be sure to talk about your IPE elective classes. The elective requirement for students using the 2007-2008 or later catalog is

Elective courses: Three courses (usually upper-division courses) in IPE or related disciplines. Elective courses must be pre-approved by the student’s IPE advisor in consultation with the student. A course used to satisfy this requirement may not also be used to satisfy a university core requirement. Elective classes should be chosen to:
  • Broaden or deepen the student’s understanding of IPE theory;
  • Provide economic, political, social or historical context for analysis of important IPE issues;
  • Provide specific expertise necessary for a student’s senior thesis research;
  • Develop analytical tools useful in IPE research;
  • Deepen knowledge of a particular country or region.
You will need to fill out an elective approval form for each on-campus IPE elective before they will show up on your Degree Progress Report and count toward graduation. (Study Abroad courses are approved through the normal study abroad application process).

Bottom line: Check your degree progress report to see your current elective status and be sure to work with your advisor to get IPE electives officially approved.

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