Monday, March 29, 2010

Government Affairs Internship Opportunity

This just in from Megan Schrader IPE '09:

Hey there!

As a UPS IPE alum, I wanted to pass on this internship listing from my firm. I know it is not exactly IPE-related, but it is a very good opportunity and didn’t want the department I love to be left out of the loop in case there is any interest.


Governmental Affairs Summer Internship: Full-time, Paid

Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA), one of Washington State’s largest lobbying firms, is looking for a governmental affairs intern to assist our growing team of consultants. GTH-GA prides itself on its educational internship program. Many of our previous interns subsequently entered the public policy/government field with the desired skills and network necessary to achieve success. Our former interns have been recruited to work in the Governor’s Office, the Washington State Legislature, and have been promoted to full-time consultants here at the firm. We hope to find another intern to continue this legacy of success.

The job will consist primarily of assisting our consultants on public policy projects. This includes activities such as researching legislation and state statutes, assistance in drafting media reports, assistance in drafting letters to legislators, preparing for the 2011 legislative session, etc. We hope to make this an educational experience, and will work to balance typical “intern” tasks with substantive work.

The ideal candidate will have excellent written and oral communications skills and an interest in government, public policy, or political science. We will accept applications from all areas of study and from any college grade level (including graduate schools). The internship will be paid on an hourly basis.

Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs, located in downtown Tacoma, provides governmental affairs services to all levels of government: international, congressional, federal, state, and local. We encourage applicants to visit our website at before applying.

Resumes and cover letters may be sent electronically to Noah Reandeau and Briahna Taylor at Please submit resumes and cover letters by Noon on April 13, 2010. If there are questions, please call 253-620-6640.

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