Thursday, August 18, 2011

IPE Faculty Update: Professor Brad Dillman

Here's an update from Professor Brad Dillman:

I continued research and writing on illicit trade, especially human smuggling and wildlife trafficking. It is surprising how much variation there is in almost all numerical data on illegal activities, so I have become interested in writing a chapter on the "politics" of illicit numbers.

I spent considerable time staying up to date on changes in the Arab world. Since the Tunisian uprising in January 2011 our understanding of Arab politics has been challenged profoundly. There are many new debates and interpretations among scholars of the Middle East--it's an exciting time to study the region.

In preparation for fall classes, I've read some of the newer writings on the financial crisis, global value chains, and constructivism. Those of you in my classes will get a chance to study some of these articles. It's also an exciting time to be studying the dynamics of the international political economy.

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