Friday, August 19, 2011

IPE Faculty Update: Professor Emelie Peine

Professor Peine checks in with this report:

I wrote the first draft of a chapter for a book on the ethics of competition in the global agro-food industry that is based on research I did last summer in China looking at how transnational agribusinesses are integrating the Brazilian soybean export industry and Chinese industrial pork production. The book is edited by agricultural economist Harvey James at the University of Missouri and will be published by Springer.

I also submitted an article to the Journal of Appalachian Studies about the political economy of modern-day moonshining in east Tennessee that is based on my master’s thesis. The manuscript received a strong review, and my co-author Kai Schafft of Penn State University and I are currently working on revisions.

Early in the summer I enjoyed eating lots of fresh chard, kale, spring onions, lettuce, and spinach from the University garden, and I look forward to getting my hands dirty again soon with some more harvesting, weeding, and fall planting. If any IPE students want to get involved in the garden this fall, send me an email!

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