Monday, March 09, 2015

Food Justice Lecture (sponsored by the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement)

The Global Co-op Movement: Justice through Democratizing the Economy (Food Justice Lecture Series)

Wednesday, April 1st, Wyatt 109

What do coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Basques in authoritarian Spain, sex workers in Mumbai, India, and Sri Lankans devastated by the 2004 tsunami have in common? They all used co-ops - democratically owned businesses - to overcome social and economic challenges. Come take a look at the global co-op movement and some exciting examples of people using co-ops to solve problems in their home, their community, and their nation.

This talk and discussion will be led by Jeff Bessmer, the General Manager of the Tacoma Food Co-Op on 6th Avenue. Jeff has served as a manager at grocery and housing co-ops in Madison, WI and Santa Barbara, CA and holds a Masters of Management: Cooperatives and Credit Unions degree. He has both international and local experience that allows him to make this framework accessible from multiple vantage points. Hope to see you there!

***The discussion will be held in Wyatt Hall, room #109**.

Here's the link to the facebook event:

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