Sunday, March 29, 2015

Professor Anthony D'Costa speaking on Thursday, April 2nd, at 7:30pm in Trimble Forum

ASUPS Lectures will be hosting Professor Anthony D'Costa from the University of Melbourne to speak on campus this Thursday, April 2nd, at 7:30pm in Trimble Forum. Professor D'Costa's lecture is titled "Compressed Capitalism, Globalization, and the Fate of Indian Development."

Anthony P. D’Costa, Chair of Contemporary Indian Studies
Australia India Institute and SSPS (Development Studies), University of Melbourne

Prior to joining Melbourne University, he was Research Director and A.P. Moller-Maersk Professor of Indian Studies, Asia Research Centre at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (2008-13). He was also with the University of Washington for 18 years. He has written extensively on the political economy of steel, auto, and IT industries covering themes of capitalism and globalization, development, innovations, and industrial restructuring.

Compressed Capitalism, Globalization, and the Fate of Indian Development:
India’s economic turnaround since the 1980s and since 1991 has been widely credited as a result of economic reforms. Gradual and systematic deregulation at home and increased international integration promises even better economic performance. This is only partly true since a good part of India is untouched by economic reforms in any meaningful way. I will argue that the working of compressed capitalism, that is, primitive accumulation, is an ongoing feature in India and coexists with advanced sectors on a high road to accumulation. However, the dispossession and displacement of people and the persistence of petty commodity production in the context of technology-led, enclave-based economic production add to the development conundrum. The resulting inequality (and polarization) in India in an expanding economy is thus not an anomaly but a reflection of systemic dynamics of contemporary.

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